Eugene gets his name from the Pink Floyd song "Careful With That Axe, Eugene". In this mostly instrumental work, the only lyrics are this single phrase followed by monstrous screaming sounds. It was this thought that inspired the creation of our new 220 lb heavyweight robot "Eugene".

Eugene is the first robot designed and built by Team Moon Robotics that is 100% computer designed. Ordinarily, we'd do several paper studies, build 1/3 scale prototypes and wooden models of a new bot before "going to metal", however in the case of Eugene the complete design was done using SolidWorks and the bot went straight from that design to the final product.

Here's a look at some of the art created from the design:

Here's a shot of Eugene from the front. In this shot, Eugene is sporting his "super blade" derivative.

Another shot from the front, only this time Eugene is sporting his "super axe" derivative.

Here's a perspective view of Eugene with the Super Blade.

And one with the Super Axe.

And finally, here's a side view of Eugene showing the angle that the blade is held at. By changing the front drag plate and the wheel height we can adjust both the height of the robot and the angle of the blade.