Star Hawk 3.0

Star Hawk version 3.0 is a much tougher and capable of going toe to toe with any super heavy weight in the league. We are carrying forward everything we've learned over the past few years from Black Hawk, Black Widow, Star Hawk 1 and 2 and adding an all new armor design.

While Star Hawk 2 had a nearly flawless drive train and exceptional weapons platform it lacked a sophisticated armor strategy that would allow it to "take the big hits" and still roll away in one piece.

Here's some shots of Star Hawk 3.0 sporting a couple of its 5 different weapons.

First up is the Super Sonic blade. Like its predicessors, Star Hawk 3.0 can push this 22" diameter, 30 pound Titanium blade to a tip velocity of 840 mps (hence the name of the weapon.) In this configuration, the Super Sonic blade can deliver 165 Kj of engergy.

Next, is the all new Super Blade. Like our other weapons, the Super Blade is nearly 100% Titanium (with the exception of the orange axe heads.) The Super Blade sports fully surrate exterior edges and two 5 lb S7 Tool Steel surrated axe heads. Kenetic energy is boosted on this weapon to 225 Kj as it weighs in at 40 pounds and has a tip velocity of 400 mph. Spinup time has been improved to 1.7 seconds.

In addition to the Super Sonic Blade and Super Blade, Star Hawk 3.0 also supports our TriStar Blade, Super Bar and the all new Super Axe giving it a full complement of weapons.